Fighting For You and Your New Family Addition

Fighting For You and Your New Family Addition

Your trusted adoption lawyer in Florence & Covington, KY

The adoption process, no matter the situation, should be a happy process. You are welcoming someone new into your family and starting a new life together. Unfortunately, due to strict legalities, the adoption process isn't just signing on a dotted line. There are legal steps that need to be taken, and an adoption lawyer can make sure you take the right ones.

Samantha J. Evans, Attorney at Law can be your designated adoption attorney in Florence & Covington, KY. She can provide legal assistance for your private adoption, relative adoption (stepparent, grandparent) or open adoption case.

With any adoption case, transparent communication and fair arrangements are important elements. You want the entire process to go as smoothly as possible, and an adoption attorney can assist with that. With Samantha J. Evans, you will have an experienced attorney:

•Communicating your wishes
•Assisting with the formal processes
•Preparing and analyzing formal documents
•Advocating for you in the courtroom, if necessary

If you are adopting in the Florence & Covington, KY, area, but need someone to guide you through the process, Samantha J. Evans, Attorney at Law is always here to help. Schedule a consultation with our attorney and learn more about your legal rights during an adoption case.